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Q: Do you need to send your seats in if you want them covered?
A: Depending on your needs, for custom orders YES, for seat covers and DO-IT Yourself Applications, NO.

Q: Does the recovering process take long?
A: For custom work 7-14 days, For Seat Covers - Shipped within 2-3 days.

Q: Do i have to have my own Fabric?
A: No, We have 100's to choose from 

Q: Can you build a seat from the Seat Pan up?
A: Yes, we do full custom foam shaping and GEL inserts as well!

Q: Should I cut the hole in the Passenger seat if I want a FREESTYLE FOOT HOLE?
A: NO!: Please mark off where you want the cut lines on the bottom of plastic seat pan with a permanent marker.

Q: Do you only make street bike seats?
A: We CUSTOM BUILD: Dirt, Street, Race, Freestyle, Water & Snow Seats for ALL Machines!

Q: How do I install my Traction or Seat Cover?
A: Watch our "Install" Instructional Videos.

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